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A Note From Madeline

As you have been reading in our Journal articles, as we approach the holiday of Chanukah, we have been continuing to talk about the sense of “sacredness” that we began at Rosh Hashanah and now turn our focus to the sacredness of light – a central theme of Chanukah.

With each holiday, we also try to emphasize a value and bring in tzedakah project when we can.  For Chanukah we learn B’tzelem Elohim.  We are all created in the image of God.  With that in mind, we are helping a family, who are  much like us, but need some help at this time.

Kim Rainey (Zoe Collette; Aravot) and Marcie Axelrod (Jordan; Aravot) have coordinated with “A Wider Circle” and are thrilled to share that we have been given the name of the family we will sponsor this holiday season.  It is a mother, father and two girls (ages 6 and 8).  Kim had the chance to speak with the mother today and shared that the family is SO gracious for this support.  Natasha (mom) is actually recovering from a third surgery and is currently on bed rest.  The list that the family completed for A Wider Circle only had a few very basic items.  When Kim spoke with Natasha, she was able to encourage her to add additional “fun” gifts that the girls would really enjoy such as craft kits, books, educational games and family games they can enjoy together.  Kim has created a sign-up for gifts which she will hang in the hallway outside of Madeline’s office.

Gifts should be wrapped and tagged with the name of the recipient.  You can start bringing in gifts whenever you like and line them up along the hallway .  Seeing the gifts pile up is part of what makes this such a wonderful experience for our children.  In order to save the family the trouble of finding a way to pick up the items from A Wider Circle and allow additional time for all those who want to participate, Kim and I will deliver the the gifts to the family directly.  Please bring them in by the morning of Dec 21.  If you choose to purchase gift cards, please give them to Madeline or Gary directly so they don’t get misplaced.

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Atelier 11-30-12 A Journey through Color and Time- Images and Identities

Color shapes our view of the world. It enriches our lives and surprises us with its endless variety. Color mirrors our moods and probably has more influence on our lives than we realize. Yet we take for granted the ever-changing palette of our surroundings, seldom stopping to consider how those colors came to be. New colors are invented all the time, but why do they affect us so strongly?

Images and Identities throug  Images and Identities througLeo                                                                Hannah

As we begin to move closer to winter, let us not forget our fall memories. The crunch of a fall leaf is a sound that brings joy to our hearts. Color is vital to the repertoire of our everyday life. Colors are an element of design that we react to on a visceral level. What colors and combinations of colors stimulate us to be interested in different things? What colors make us feel pleasure or sadness, hot or cold, to be attracted or pushed away, our appetite stimulated or suppressed? Many reactions to color are instinctual and universal.

At different ages of our life, certain colors may be more important than others. The children experience color through their eyes and their time, differently from an adult perspective.                                                                                                              Images and Identities throug  Images and Identities throug                          Madison                            Ashley and Leo – “Green hands”

I asked the children, “What colors do you think of when you think of autumn?” The Narkisim and Daliot selected colors that they recalled from outdoor landscapes to fall photographs. Their choices of yellow, orange, red, blue, green, purple and brown presented different reactions. Their colors were being associated and incorporated into their everyday stories and adventures in life.

Ashley- “I like trains.”                                                                                                    – Leo -“Trains!”

Madison- “Play with toys”

There are many high impact toy designs that are created with combinations of blue, red and yellow. These colors, along with every other color in between, project feelings, emotions, and events in the children’s lives. The images from these objects all have color associated with them. Ashley and Leo love trains. The natural wood with red and blue colors may represent an energy and strength for them. As a way to think about color and how we respond to it, you might find it interesting to hear some of the associations we make between color and expressions.

Blue/Pale Blue: delicate, calming, understanding, yet also mysterious, softness, thoughts, inner strength, sky.                                                                                 Purple: spiritual, high aspirations, royalty, connection, concentration and inspiration from dark purple to light purple.                                                       Green: earth, growth, youth, renewal, hope, safety, refreshing, calm, joy.   Yellow: sun, cooperation, happiness, warmth, energy, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, joy.                                                                                                                                     Red: determination, promote images, energy, strength, passion, cheerfulness, courage, element of fire.                                                                                          Orange: inviting and determination, warmth and vitality, highlighting important elements.                                                                                                                     Brown: friendships, earth, outdoors, strength, generosity, dirt harvest. Brown is also very low key if used broadly without texture or another color to enhance it.                                                                                                                                    White: spirituality, goddess, peace, purity, simplicity, innocence.

I set up Kraft paper and paint and let the children discover their own attraction to the colors.

Images and Identities throug  Images and Identities throug                                     Madison- “I’m drawing- A flower”

The children’s communication was more expressive from their paintbrush strokes than from their verbal communication. Each child found one color to be more dominating for them, even though they explored all the colors.

Images and Identities through Color Atelier-11-30-12  Images and Identities throug
Noa                                               Noel- “I paint the sky”

Images and Identities throug  Images and Identities throug  Images and Identities throug         Carter- “A tree-I just         Noa                                         Abby                                           paint this side- It’s a                                                                                                     really tricky part.”

When Noel, Carter, Noa and Abby came to the atelier, they used fine tip brushes and canvas to interpret their experience with fall. They each clearly identified certain colors from a selection of pictures, and created their own identity of themselves.                                                                                                                       Noa was very expressive with her brush strokes and explored all the colors that were available.                                                                                                                 Abby realized that she could blend colors once she noticed that her paintbrushes were all mixing together in the different paint jars. She created new colors and continued to experiment with how blending of colors can change by having a palette that she could swoosh the brush around.

Just as color from the seasons of the year emote different feelings and expressions, colors and children, as they grow, will also create various expressions of images and identities.

Images and Identities throug

Carter,Noel, Noa, Abby (across)

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Arazim 11-30-12 Drawing

As authors and journalists, the Arazim are taking another step in the writing experience…writing the class blog.  The children suggested several subjects and a list was written on the board.  The Arazim deliberated and eliminated all but three subjects–drawing, birthdays and the writing center.  A vote was taken and drawing received the majority of votes.  The Arazim proceeded to write the following blog.

004Camille:  Drawing is fun.  Sometimes, we make pictures for the teachers.  Sometimes we make pictures for ourselves and sometimes we make pictures for our friends.  Sometimes we don’t let our friends see cause it’s a surprise.  Sometimes, we put it in the 003mailbox and sometimes we give it right to our friends.
Maiya:  We draw books.  We write words with our teachers.
Eliana:  We make pretty pictures and we draw for us or our friends.
Jana:  We draw pictures about our families.
001Olivia:  You can draw a picture for your friend and you can put it in their basket if they say to put it in their basket.
Jesse:  You have to draw on both sides and you have to write your name.
Lila:  You could draw something for the teachers.
002Sammy:  Race car tracks.
Lila:  I like to draw family pictures and friend pictures.
What can we draw with?
Hailey:  You can draw with markers.  There are different color markers.
Camille:  You can draw with pencils and crayons.
Lila:  You could draw with pens.
Ben:  You draw with crayons.
Brooks:  It’s fun, because you get to draw on paper.  Sometimes on something else like a board.
Camille:  Sometimes, you cut paper up to use it and sometimes, it’s different colors.
Lynne:  You can draw on cardboard.
Rachel: You can draw on stuff that you find in the reinvention basket.
Eliana:  I like to draw pictures of me and Noah getting our pictures taken.
Maiya:  I like to draw people and flowers.
Eliana:  I like to draw roses.
Jana:  I like to draw pictures of me and my baby sisters.
Lynne:  Flowers.
Camille:  Sometimes, there are different ways of drawing.
What are some different ways to draw.
ELiana: You can trace things.  You can draw things looking at them.  You can draw things without looking at them.
What is it called when we draw things looking at them?
Lila:  Observation
Camille:  You have to concentrate sometimes.
When we don’t look at something what are we using?
Maiya:  Our imagination.

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