Daliot 12-19-2012 : Sewing Netali’s Napkin

The Daliot were again excited to continue sewing Netali’s napkin.  We began IMG_1065early this morning, continuing down the list we created yesterday.  Ashley was the first Daliot to sew.  She noticed that each time she pulled the thread through the fabric the thread fell off the needle.  “It fell down,” she told us.

Leo M.  took the next turn.  “My turn!”  he exclaimed as he began sewing.  He IMG_1067initially seemed more intent on pulling the needle off the thread, but with instruction soon found creating stitches more interesting.

IMG_1069Jaxon-Beck took his turn sewing on the playground.  He quickly gained an understanding of the process and began repeating it for each stitch.  “Then you turn it over and pull it off,” he described as he pushed the needle through the fabric.  He also enjoyed pulling the thread off the needle at the completion of each stitch.

Alex S. chose,”Orange” thread to sew with.  He seemed cautious at first, but soon embraced sewing, even asking friend to leave him alone, so he could finish. As he sewed he also reviewed the process, “You push it through?”  he asked as he took a stitch.

Alex R. made sewing a full body experience.  As he created each stitch, he walked away from the napkin, pulling the thread until it fell off the needle.  He would then return to create another stitch.

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