12-20-12 Oranim A Variety Of Surprises

When Eli came to class, he excitedly noticed the changes in yesterday’s cause and effect experiment. “Look, everything went to the bottom,” he exclaimed, “and the water is still green.” And so it was: the tulip petals and the Lego man had made their way to the bottom of the container. “We put all that in there and now look at it,” Eitan said. Dalya observed that we made the water “not clean any more.”IMG_1643

Then Eli and Owen noticed a cricket in the room. “Will it jump on us?” Owen asked. No one wanted it to do that. Syril caught the cricket in a plastic cup and the Oranim watched as she let it go outside. She explained that you don’t have to kill any living creature; you can make a choice to let it go free. “He’s going to his family,” Owen said. We wondered if crickets have families like people do. “He has a home,” Sophia said. “What does it look like?” Noa asked. “I don’t see him any more,” Eli said, as he and the other children pulled up chairs to look out the window. “The playground is so big, but where is his home?” Eitan asked. Everyone called out, “Cricket, cricket! Where are y0u?” We will never know the answer since the cricket blended in with the color of the wood chips.

We enjoyed the frozen grape juice treats we put into the freezer yesterday. “Yummy!” Shane said. “I like it. It’s good,” Dahlia said. Eitan noticed that it dripped wheIMG_1667n it melted and that is also a change. Sophia helped get some paper towels. Clean-up was easy and everyone had a great time thinking about how the weather is cold. The frozen grape juice treats made us think of snow.IMG_1668

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